Our Team


Tanya Williams

Associate Director

T.W. joined THE UNITY WALK in December of 2018. She studied Psychology & Africana Studies at Hunter College in New York. Her passion is healing our communities by applying her studies to real life situations that directly affect our people in these communities. T.W. believes that therapy is needed and we need to drop the stigmas associated with it. "We are no longer victims, we are survivors. One must understand where we have been in order to make sure we progress as a family unity."

"In a world of wolves one should go armed, and one of the most powerful defensive weapons within the reach of Negroes is the practice of race first in all parts of the world" - Marcus Garvey

Monica Love

Research Director

Monica is the newest member of our organization and has proven to be a team player who has no problem digging in doing the hard work and providing great insight on those things related to black empowerment, culture and ways in which we can better serve our black communities. A Native New Yorker, Monica has a degree in Graphic Design and has sat on the Board of Women In Transition. 

Desmond Goode

Development & Fundraising

Desmond joined THE UNITY WALK in 2017 and joined our Administrative team in December of 2018 bringing his specialty of Community Development and Fundraising. Desmond's passion is his love for the community, community businesses and helping community business owners to expand their brands and get the support necessary for overall business expansion. Desmond is a life long New Yorker and a committed member of our community.